Kids Of All Ages Will Have Fun Wearing The Treats, Plus These Items Last A Lot Longer.

If you have younger kids that come to your door, take one out and show them how to crack the glow sticks to make them work, and remind them that this is a non-edible treat, just to be on the safe side. School Supplies Photo Credit Thinkstock This doesnt mean you should stock up on a bunch of boring No. 2 pencils. Instead, pick up some fun Halloween-themed pencils and erasers. You can even make little bags with a great holiday-inspired pencil, eraser, a small ruler and a few stickers. Just be sure to find really fun school items that the kids will want to take to school with them the next day. If you arent sure, bring your own kids along and them help you pick out items that they know their friends will enjoy. And have fun picking out crayons, notepads, stamps, markers, bookmarks, pencil toppers and more. Dress Up Items Photo credit YURI GRIPAS/AFP/Getty Images What kid doesnt love to play pretend? Younger kids enjoy the magic of make believe while even older kids think its funny to wear a silly mustache in their latest selfie. Have some fun with the trend and all the kids will love showing off their score from your house. Try handing out silly fake mustaches to all the kids, or go for temporary tattoos. Kids of all ages will have fun wearing the treats, plus these items last a lot longer. You can even find bulk bags of novelty eyeglasses, which would also make for a great Halloween treat. Bottled Water Photo Credit Thinkstock Youll be surprised what a big hit this can be. As the kids are out walking door to door, theyre going to get thirsty, and your house can be a quick, refreshing pick-me-up along their route. If you want to make them a little more special, you can pull the labels off and decorate the bottles with a little orange and black ribbon. You can also print a bunch of Halloween-themed jokes onto sticker paper and add a quick laugh to each bottle.

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We Decided That We Wanted To Plot Out The Next 10 Years Of The ‘transformers’ Franchise, So We Got Together In A Room Over A Three-month Period Of Time.

Content preferences Done Did “Transformers: Age of Extinction” leave you dying for more of Michael Bay’s robot alien movies? If so, you’re in luck. In what is categorically great news for stunt people and the explosives industry, it’s now official: there will be not one, not two, not three (yep, we’re going to count it for maximum dramatic effect), but FOUR more “Transformers” films. Praise Optimus! According to Hasbro Studios president Stephen Davis, the additional four films will roll out (yeah!) over the next decade. PHOTOS: The Sexy Ladies Of Sci-Fi “Youre going to see a new ‘Transformers’ movie coming from Hasbro and Paramount and Michael Bay and our other partners,” Davis said at the MIP Junior conference in Cannes, France on Saturday. “In fact, we just finished, as some of you may have read, just an incredible experience. We decided that we wanted to plot out the next 10 years of the ‘Transformers’ franchise, so we got together in a room over a three-month period of time. Nine of some of the most creative writers I have ever worked with, shepherded by Akiva Goldsman, who many of you may know won an Academy Award for A Beautiful Mind and written a bunch of great movies. And they plotted out the next 10 years of ‘Transformers.’ “Similarly, we are doing the same in television and in digital. So stay tuned, ‘Transformers 5’ is on its way, and 6 and 7 and 8,” he continued. 2014’s “Transformers: Age of Extinction” (the first in the franchise to star Mark Wahlberg instead of Shia LaBeouf) grossed more than $1 billion worldwide. — Erin O’Sullivan Copyright 2015 by NBC Universal, Inc . All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Arts & Entertainment

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X 2 In.

[1] Though not gold, this low-profile one-hole deck-mounted lavatory faucet from Waterworks a new Henry Fittings Collection is still agoldena in an unlacquered brass finish, which is sure to warm up any bathroom. And if youare wondering, water temperature is controlled by rotating the handle. The industrial-chic line also includes a three-hole deck-mounted faucet with a gooseneck or low-profile spout and cross or lever handles; a tub filler with a handshower and lever handles; a wall-mounted tub spout; shower trims and accessories. All are available in variety of made-to-order finishes. [2] Michael S Smith Gilt is the Obama White House Decorator as fourth tile collection for Ann Sacks and combines beveled glass and precious metal in a brick-style format. Available in a sizes ranging from 2 in. x 2 in. to 4 in. x 4 in., each handcrafted tile is formed by fusing sheets of hammered rose gold, antique gold, white gold or platinum leaf between polished, faceted glass. [3] To celebrate the 10th-year anniversary of the Isy project, which was designed by Matteo Thun with Antonio Rodriguez, Zucchetti has reintroduced the ultra-sleek linear faucet in new shapes and new color finishes, including 24k plated gold. The collection offers a freestanding basin mixer, a tub mixer and a single-lever basin mixer (shown). [4] From Trend USAas Wallpaper collection come Rich and Divine mosaics, whose delicate gold patterns sparkle against a snowy white background. Rich is offered in a 3/4-in. x 3/4-in. format and Divine is available in a 5/8-in. x 5/8-in. size. The collection also includes recycled glass tile. [5] Satin gold lends a weightiness to Webert as aflightya Wolo lavatory faucet, which was inspired by the aerodynamic design of an airplaneas wings. Available in other finishes, including chrome, black with a chrome handle and white with a chrome handle, the faucet has a 2.2-gpm flow rate and comes in a single-lever, single-lever vessel and widespread lavatory models. Shower and tub fittings, as well as thermostatic valves and diverters, complete the collection. [6] With its whimsical faucet handles, knobs and buttons, THG as Bagatelle offers up a playful yet elegant meditation on the pinball machine. Designed by French designer Olivier Gagnere , the collection features lavatory faucets with or without crystal inlays, thermostatic valves, porcelain accessories and a Roman tub set. All of the faucets are formed of solid brass and come in 35 custom finishes, including gold (shown). [7] Designed by David Hoptman, Stone Forest as Lunette Bronze Vessel is dramatic in both look and feel. Cast in golden bronze, the sink boasts a darker, textured exterior and a living finish that will patina over time. Dimensions are 23 in. x 12 3/8 in. x 9 in.

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He knows he didnt order the boiled chicken feet. But the boiled chicken feet arrive, and when Rosenthal demurs, the non-English-speaking waiter at the dim sum place just outside L.A. points to the list he printed out in Chinese, which apparently says, quite clearly, boiled chicken feet. See? You can travel in your own town, says Rosenthal, delighted. But he doesnt eat the chicken feetnor do I, nor do his teenage daughter Lily, Simpsons writer Matt Selman or TV writer Eli Attie, who are seated with us. Sure, Rosenthal, the comedy writer who co-created and ran Everybody Loves Raymond, is the host of a new travel show about food, but its a nice show where nice people have a nice time, and theres no need to prove anything, especially not with boiled chicken feet. Im exactly the same as Anthony Bourdain, he says, eating a pork bun, if he were afraid of everything. Ill Have What Phils Having is not only the funniest travel show on television (Mondays on PBS) but also the warmest. In Florence, incapable of finding words to express his joy after tasting gelato straight from the machine, Rosenthal kisses the woman making it. Later in the episode, after taking a bite of steak that leaves him equally verklempt, he kisses the butcher. Its basically a show about a very happy man kissing people after eating things. PBS ordered the show for its prime-time lineup after seeing Rosenthal bumble around Moscow in his 2010 documentary Exporting Raymond, in which he consults on a Russian-language version of the sitcom. For What Phils Having, Rosenthal gets chef Albert Adria to recommend coffee and churros in Barcelona and in L.A. takes Martin Short to his first Korean meal and Paul Reiser to his first pastrami sandwich at Langers, but he comes off like a guy who cant believe he just got his passport. Rosenthal Skypes with his parents in each episode, and his brother Rich is the producer, neatly re-creating the Raymond dynamic. This is his Curb Your Enthusiasm, only instead of irritating his friends over petty personal affronts, he would like you to try this amazing slice of jamon iberico. Rosenthal is slightly anxious about the new show, which, of course, he doesnt really need. Hes well connected and rich enough to go to any restaurant in the world. But, as an ex-actor who got to play the chef in Spanglish and a small part in 30 Rock, he needs an audience. Like anyone within two degrees of Rosenthals social circle, Ive been invited to one of his daily restaurant lunch dates (always at noon, when theres no crowd) as well as the semiregular Sunday-night movie parties in his screening roomwhich start with professionally made pizzas from the wood-fired oven in his kitchen. All my dad wants is for people to be excited about the things he likes, says daughter Lily as she eats tofu with abalone sauce. I think its called megalomania, Selman adds as he eats deep-fried lobster with garlic and chili. Maybe menschalomania. Though he grew up on Long Island eating dinners cooked by his mother in an oven with a setting for shoe, Rosenthal has made food a primary avocation since graduating from college. Comedy writers revere Everybody Loves Raymond for three reasons: the jokes could come only from each character; the writers were home in time for dinner; and the lunches. Rosenthal called his production company Wheres Lunch to signal the most important part of the day. He even got the line producer to divert money from the budget toward food. CBS president Les Moonves said it was the best-catered show hed ever seen. Every Friday, the writers ate the omakase at Nozawa, one of Americas top sushi joints. Rosenthal has invested in more than 20 high-end restaurants, including Next in Chicago and Providence in L.A. I do it because its a way of supporting the arts, he says.

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Ready To Enjoy Candy Jam Now!

Candy Mania is a very addictive splash and most interesting match-three casual game in the google play! Candy Blaster is also a brand new amazing casual game, completely free!! Objectives differ in over many levels. Make matches of 3 or more cookies, create a candy frenzy ! or slide combination 3 or more same candies to make a candy boom ! Starts out simple, but things get more and more interesting and challenging. Swiped candy to make the candy break. This is a candies legend puzzle and casual game which is suitable for kids, toddlers, phone and tablet. Reach the goal before the moves run out! Clear all candies in same type, combo more than three same candy cubes to win a power-up candy to clear more. Ready to enjoy candy jam now! Switch and match your way through hundreds of levels in this delicious puzzle adventure. Isn’t it the sweetest game around? Take on this deliciously candy sweet saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score! HOW TO PLAY CANDY BLAST MANIA? – Match 3 candies with the same color in a row and collect them complete the mission!- Match the candies until the board clear, the candies star will appear.- Match 4 candies can win the lightning power ups: Candy Pop !- Match 5 candies in cross pattern to generate a Candy Dash lightning power ups!- Combine power ups for a more powerful explosion: Super Cookie Star! Little bit hard to get through certain level? Try our boosters! Each booster has a unique magic power to help or hinder you make progress! The less moves you take to pass a level, the higher score youll get. Can you score high enough to earn 3 stars on every level? FEATURES of CANDY BLAST MANIA + Many challenging levels & many game props+ Delicious and juicy cookies and sugars+ Cool candy and cookie graphics that will leave you hungry for more+ Easy and fun to play, challenging to master + Unique power-ups and combos in each levels. + Friendly and fascinating panda characters. MAGIC BOOSTERS – Extra candy splash: Give +5 extra moves- Candy Timer: Give +30 extra seconds- Candy Boom: Destroying 1 item on game field- Candy Magic Finger: Remove 1 item on game field- Magic Candy Frenzy: Change the colors around the selected item- Super Cookie Star: Multicolor bomb on the playing field at the start of game- Super Candy Blast: +5 stripes items on the playing field at the start of game- Super Sugar Blast: +5 packages items on the playing field at the start of game- Go to Candy Boutique to buy boostersNow you can splash and props the candies to complete your candy journey ! Play amazing and tasty candy rescue now. If you want a relaxing game for a while? Candy Blast Mania is your choice, it is a simple and addict game for relax. Take a bite into candy splash mania with its unique match-3 puzzle gameplay! Match together festive candies that ripen into colossal combos! candy splash, an attractive fresh new candy connect line puzzle game brings tons of joy and challenges in candy kingdom! Swap the candies to create blasters, free captured candies and play your way in the adorable candies world!

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The Result Was The Sweetest, Most Schizophrenic Dessert Ive Eaten In Years.

After my first visit to iDessert, I dont know what to think. The high-concept dessert spot is the brainchild of French pastry chef Jean-Philippe Maury , architect of the worlds largest chocolate fountain. iPads give you a chance to mull over your custom dessert recipe. The name reflects a modern era ordering system specifically, a row of iPads loaded with a custom app allowing great flexibility in designing a dessert the likes of which youve never seen: a meringue or chocolate shell encapsulating a bed of cake and cream topped by gelato or sorbet, filled with a mixture of candied fruit, nuts, and/or candy. You get a variety of options for each of the seven ingredients comprising the thing: 20 different shells ranging from fruity to nutty, at least eight kinds of ice cream, and five cakes, including a gluten-free option. Youll find plenty of chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and coffee flavors. Fully loaded, itll cost about eight or nine bucks. For an extra $1.50, you get it in a Vegas Bowl, outfitted with dry ice so your dessert comes with a built-in smoke machine. I like to think I can sum up most pictures in less than a thousand words, but my hubris does not extend to this creation you must check the photos to believe it. While you mostly just see that outer shell, each of these 20 or so crusts features different aesthetic flourishes, whether crumbs, sprinkles, or hard candies. Squeeze the ball to unleash some sweet sauce, then crack the whole thing open with the chisel-ended spoon. The sauce is contained in a plastic eyedropper-like device that slides into a hole at the top of the shell, allowing you the option to squeeze the sweet goo inside or drizzle it around the outside. Either way, a hard plastic spoon with a chisel for a handle must be used to crack open the shell to get at the assortment of fillings. My rookie mistake designing a dessert was trying not to repeat any flavors. So I wound up with a pistachio shell, chocolate cake, vanilla cream, strawberry sorbet, blueberry compote, and caramel sauce. Image by Katherine Kim Dry ice fuels the showiness of the Vegas Bowl. The result was the sweetest, most schizophrenic dessert Ive eaten in years. Im not complaining, but had I to do it over I would more carefully craft along the lines of chocolate peanut butter caramel, or strawberry vanilla nut, or some other complementary blend of two or three base flavors, max. Where I can complain is the amount of plastic involved. Between the serving dish, plastic dripper, spoon, and Vegas bowl shell, this gaudy dessert is not eco-kind. Still, as a date location or family treat, the novelty of iDessert goes a long way in reconciling the goofiness of its name.

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Liz Earnest Said She Thinks The Candy Apple Team Is On To Something Special With Its New Venture.

Husband-and-wife team Alan and Ellen Cottrill and mother-daughter duo say for about a decade, they have envisioned opening a restaurant that blends great food with social interaction. Featuring sharable plates and customer-chef interactions, their concept is akin to the dinner-club format the four food lovers enjoyed for years. The monthly themed gatherings featured a five-course small-plate dinner experience in a cocktail party environment and allowed their social circles to intersect. As the Cottrills and Earnests explored their idea further, they began to fancy the notion of setting up chefs tables and having butler-passed appetizers. They came up with the idea to have their customers ring in the weekends with an eatery-wide champagne toast every Friday afternoon. It would be the ultimate place in Jacksonville to socialize to hobnob, so to speak. By late fall, the Cottrills and Earnests longstanding concept, HOBNOB, will open above Unity Plaza at 220 Riverside, an upscale apartment community buoyed by retail stores, restaurants, programmed activities and Unity Park. From the very first dinner club, we said, One day this is going to be a restaurant. And now, here we are, Ellen Cottrill said. The venture deliberately aims to delve beyond the Candy Apple collaboration by merging the partners varied talents, business backgrounds and social interests. Although Candy Apple has been wonderfully successful, the Candy Apple theme is definitely tied to being next to Sweet Petes gourmet chocolate and candy store, Ellen Cottrill said. HOBNOB represents us its our personality coming through, she said. Liz Earnest said she thinks the Candy Apple team is on to something special with its new venture. We want to draw wonderful, inspired and fun people who love trying new foods to our restaurant, she said. Our ideal customers (will) want to celebrate with friends, flirt with new foods, smile, laugh and leave full. HOBNOB will serve lunch and dinner daily; the bar will offer craft cocktails, beer and wine. The 4,560-square-foot, 200-seat gathering spot is expected to employ about 40 people, including about 25 part-timers. Planning and design are being finalized, and construction has just begun. The owners would not provide the projects budget or specifics about the menu, which is being developed under the concept of global inspirations with local intentions. Liz Earnest said they are moving away from the Southern fare at Candy Apple and getting a bit more adventurous with this menu. The restaurants culinary team will be led by Jamey Evoniuk, Candy Apples executive chef, who Alan Cottrill said is especially skilled at simplifying sophisticated food. The HOBNOB business plans finalization was spurred by the development of Unity Plaza as a community-centric, urban gathering spot with daily programmed activities including free yoga classes, art demonstrations and amphitheater concerts. In September, Philadelphia celebrity chef Kevin Sbraga is scheduled to open Sbraga and Company next to HOBNOBs space. Sbraga won the seventh season of Top Chef. In recent years, the HOBNOB teams vacations to places like San Diego and Philadelphia have been parlayed as business trips, during which theyve acquired ideas that build upon their original concept. As it turns out, coming up with the name HOBNOB which deliberately has all capital letters, but is not an acronym was a project, in itself. We really wanted the name to capture the identity of the space, of the concept, and of us, because we feel like this restaurant is an extension of who we are, Jennifer Earnest said. It is a place for diners to come and elevate their spirit, palate and mood by rubbing elbows with friends. The business partners say that they arent sure whats next after HOBNOB. The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in all of us, so, you never know, Ellen Cottrill said.

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For Some People, A Summer Fair Means A Chance To Try Their Luck At A Game On The Midway And Enjoy Some Cotton Candy.

Among the summer traditions are the county fairs, and all three area counties Isabella, Gratiot and Clare — have hosted their annual fairs. For some people, a summer fair means a chance to try their luck at a game on the midway and enjoy some cotton candy. For others, the summer fairs are a highlight of their year and a culmination of months of hard work. Open categories allow those who arent in 4-H to show off their work too. There are rabbits. There are cats. There are cattle. There are goats. And that is just a list of a few of the categories. Youths learn important skills as they raise their animals and prepare to show them. They learn what the animal needs, how to handle it, and how to show it. Above all, these youths are learning self-confidence, responsibility and what it means to follow a project through from beginning to end. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes before that one week when its on display for the public. Its not just the youths who deserve some credit. Adult volunteers and 4-H leaders also give of their time and talents. Its been a busy summer. We hope these hard-working youths have gained some memories that will last a lifetime.

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Hershey Lost $99.9 Million, Or 47 Cents Per Share, Compared With Profit Of $168.2 Million Or 75 Cents Per Share, A Year Prior.

Associated Press North America is being pressured as well. Sales rose 1.8 percent versus the same period last year, but volume is down. The company cut its full-year sales outlook again. It now expects an increase of between 1.5 percent and 2.5 percent, from its June guidance of between 2.5 percent and 3.5 percent. It projected an adjusted profit of $4.30 to $4.38 per share, excluding charges. Hershey lost $99.9 million, or 47 cents per share, compared with profit of $168.2 million or 75 cents per share, a year prior. Revenue remained flat at $1.58 billion. Excluding certain acquisition and other costs, the company earned 78 cents per share. That topped Wall Street expectations, with analysts surveyed by Zack’s Investment Research expecting 74 cents per share in profit. But, those same analysts expected $1.62 billion in revenue. Sales rose just under 2 percent in North America to about $1.4 billion, but international sales were dragged down by the stronger U.S. dollar and continued weakness in China. During the previous quarter, the company also cited weak sales in China as a drag to overall revenue. The company ramped up marketing because of poor sales through Chinese New Year. Discounts and advertising costs cut into profit. The company’s board of directors announced a quarterly dividend of 58.3 cents per share on the common stock and 53 cents per share on the Class B common stock, payable September 15 to stockholders of record as of August 25.

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The Candy (and Dispensers) Were First Introduced To U.s.

Hollywood has officially run out of ideas. Theres going to be a Pezmovie. The Three Stooges and Brothers in Law screenwriter Cameron Fay will reportedly pen a script for an animated feature based on the famous candy dispensers (and the chalky candy they dispense, one would think). According to Deadline , PezCandy Inc. has entered into an agreement with Envision Media Arts (EMA) to develop the film, which is expected to bea self-aware meta-comedy that pokes fun at its ownridiculous premise. Related: Emojis are moving off your phone and onto the big screen in new animated film The Pezmovie will be produced byLee Nelson (Pathfinder) and David Buelow (Celeste & Jesse Forever). EMAs most recent project is the upcoming dramaHenry Joseph Church, starring Eddie Murphy and Britt Robertson. Pez Candy is beloved by children and adults alike, said EMA CEO and founder Lee Nelson in a statement accompanying the announcement. With Cameron Fay weve created a world unique to Pezand a story that will touch the hearts of many. First introduced 88 years ago in Austria, Pezcandy and its signature dispensers featuring various characters heads are now sold in more than 80 countries, with the dispensers becominga popular collectible due to the wide variety of licensed properties that have adorned them over the years. The candy (and dispensers) were first introduced to U.S. markets approximately 50 years ago, and caught on like wildfire. Over 3 billion PEZ candies are now consumed in the U.S. each year, and everything from DC and Marvel comics characters to NASCAR drivers and the rock band KISS have been featured as PEZ dispensers. Theres no word on what sort of story a Pezmovie will follow, but given that weve already seen plans for a movie about emojis move forward, anything is possible at this point. Basically, we should all brace ourselves forTwizzlers: The Movie. Its only a matter of time. Get our Top Stories delivered to your inbox:

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